Are you looking for a job? Or, are you a student, just on the verge of staring up of career ladder? Well, irrespective of stage you are at…if you are looking for a job, BE PROACTIVE!

Let me explain it further! When we look for a job, we are usually reactive! Having said that, we always respond to the job openings posted in various platforms, be it a job site or college placement board or a social media (the latest norm!) or from a friend’s reference. Once we get to know that there is a job opening, we start reacting and we respond to the same by mailing or posting our resume or attending an interview etc…

And once we have reacted to the news of job opening, all we do is WAIT for the feedback or result to come. We are at the complete mercy of any XYZ individual or situation, which may or may not be in our favour.

Rather then reacting, we need to be a PROACTIVE job seeker..what does it mean?

Let us talk a bit on it…!

Step 1: Do you know what profile you are good at and what kind of job do you need and other preferences like, location, shifts, industry and similar specifications?

Step 2: Once you have clarity of what job you need, start your research about the companies/organizations matching your specifications. E.g., companies in the specific industry, operating in a specific area or location, size of the company and much more.

Step 3: Once you have zeroed down on your targets, make use of Social media platform like LinkedIn and start exploring the people working in such organization and start building your network.

Step 4: Explore Job Databases like, Timesjobs etc. to find out what kind of jobs have been posted by such companies and try and talk to the HR officers or recruiters of such companies directly.

Step 5: Add the HR officer/ Recruiters of your target companies to your LinkedIn account and start connecting through the same.

Step 6: Most important for freshers! Take every opportunity with great excitement and leave no stone unturned to explore!

You never know, any individual, any job post can help you fetch a great job!

Always remember, “Opportunity lost in Opportunity gone!”

Having said that, I would conclude this write up highlighting the fact that it is your career and it is your life and only you know what best to make of it and therefore, gear up and start acting and stop reacting to whatever comes your way…


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