By now, we know that hiring Interns is an essential activity for an organization for various reasons. However, how does one ensure that there are takers for your internship programs. How to make sure that your organization’s Internship programm is quite successful and is sought after!

Here are some of the steps in ensure the same:

Be always connected with the student community

Students are the future managers of every country. As an industry professional, it is very important for you to be connected with them in one way or the other. This will increase your chances of attracting students for job or projects etc.

Have regular events/associations with Universities/Colleges, so that students are familiar with your organization.

Students learn about the industry and practical aspects from books and it is very important to expose them to the real live experience of the so called Corporate Sector. You may hire an individual for the role of Campus coordinator, who would connect with colleges and institutes in organizing various events, workshops, seminars, visits and much more. This would bring you closer to the youth.

Have the best internship payout/Stipend in the industry

Money would always remain the best carrot for attracting the best of the best talents. Before you decide your company’s stipend for internship, do a survey of what your counterparts are offering and then decide keeping that as a benchmark.

Treat the Interns well and with respect

Everyone expects to be treated well. Esp., the young community who haven’t yet faced the real corporate experience. It is important that give them respect and treat them equal to your permanent employees.

Provide the interns with a good training and learning platform

In order to generate output from the interns and retain them well, you will have to invest in their training and mentoring. Provide them with an ever evolving and learning platform.

Recognize and reward the interns for their achievements

Don’t take interns for granted. Rather, treat them well and give then due recognition for their efforts and reward them for their performances. This will make them work more and with greater zeal.

Give them the complete ownership of what they do, so that they develop responsibility and accountability for their job: While supervision is mandatory part of internship program, please do not suffocate the interns with too much of micro management. Allocate them with a job, train them and then give them complete accountability of the job. This will make them responsible and confident.

The thumb rule is, if the interns are happy and contented, you will benefit a lot in terms of better performance in lesser cost and certainly getting more referrals!

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