Having a resource crunch in your office? Many of your employees have applied for leaves? How to get the work done? Hiring Interns is a smart and affordable way to fill up for more resources and also get the work in lesser cost!

One very important benefit of having an Internship Program is to identify young talent for future hiring in your organization. Following are some of the steps to help you set up your Internship Program in your organization:

  • Review your ongoing work and expected projects and revenue targets

Do a detailed review of the work and projects that you have in hand and that needs to be completed within a limited time frame. Once you have an idea of the work, then you will be able to identify whether you need more resources or not for a temporary period of time.

  • Identify and review your manpower requirement

Once you have calculated the work plan and allotted the existing manpower with the same, you will be able to identify the departments where there is a manpower deficit and that would help you in calculating the number of resources you need for your organization.

  • Plan the duration of Internship Program

Internship program is for a limited period only; say for 2 to 3 months. When you plan for hiring interns, you must plan the work to allotted to the interns accordingly. So that the Interns are able to finish the work in the specific time period and also, your purpose of hiring interns is accomplished.

  • Calculate the estimated cost and plan a Budget

When you are planning to hire interns, then you must also plan the compensation or stipend that you will be offering them during the internship period, so as to keep them motivated and pumped up.

  • Check the Infrastructure required to hire Interns

You must have a proper office space and basic infrastructure in case you are planning to have the interns on board.

  • Plan a recruitment process

Have a detailed Job Description and candidate profile before you start the hiring process.
Identify the sources from where to hire Interns, eg., Hiring through Universities, Institutes or Online are the best mode of hiring Interns.

  • Plan an on boarding and Training session for interns

Once the hiring is done, another very important factor is to make sure that they are retained! In order to ensure this, you must plan a proper on boarding and training program, so that the Interns get to know about your organization, key people, work culture and the Job Profile.

  • Identify Mentors for the Interns within your organization

It is very important for someone to supervise or mentor these young adults during their internship. The supervisor will allot the required work, be responsible for their on the job learning’s and their performance.

Never underestimate the role and value of these INTERNS in your organization.They can be your future leaders, top most revenue generators, stable and most devoted team members and you will be one their’s one of the first few mentors from the Corporate world, that they will never forget!!

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